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Sound Bath

A sound bath is a wonderful experience in which participants are 'bathed' in sound waves. 

Various traditional instruments can be used to make it a colourful adventure of a journey within one's own inner landscape.


I believe the essence of every being on this planet is fundamentally pure. Through our life experiences we get conditioned into the personalities we play today. Judgement, objectification, stereotyping and dogma makes it impossible for us to see that pure light within.

When we lay down for a sound journey, we enter a world that has the potential to strip us of all this layers of made-up personalities.

In this world, our monkey brain shuts down, our preconceived ideas and beliefs become quiet, and we are left with space to explore our being from within. 

This offers potential for discovering:

  • Physical discomforts

  • Personal triggers

  • Fears 

But also our

  • Happy places

  • Longings

  • Needs

From this place we can begin to create new,

healthier patterns and beliefs.

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Sound Journey

With Ivana & Milou

A sound journey can be done anywhere.

If you wish to share this magnificent experience with friends, family or colleagues, please contact us via mail or message with your idea and wishes and we will get back to you shortly! 

In your office, in your own home, or at the location we provide;

 the possibilities are endless. 

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