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Why go functional?

Functional yoga uses the knowledge of anatomy to provide the most beneficial practice for every student. It is driven by the fact that we are all unique individuals, different, not only by the way we look from the outside, but also by the shape, lenght and size of our bones. This is very important as the shape of our bones can determine how far we can get into a pose. 

Functionality vs. Alignment

Nowadays Yoga schools and teachers are sprouting like mushrooms. There is an incredibly vast variety of yoga styles as well as the ways of teaching. It is easy to get lost...

And, although Yoga seems to be a harmless exercise, I would like to offer a word of caution;

beware of ambition and teachers who push you deeper into a pose without asking your consent first, not knowing you, or the condition of your body.

Wanting to go further is not bad, nor is receiving help to do so, but is it always harmless and safe? - is what we need to ask ourselves. 

We have been brainwashed with the ever-growing trend of Yoga, seeing all the beautiful pictures of people in perfect Yoga poses. It has made us think that, unless our Yoga pose looks exactly like the one in the magazine, we are not doing good enough.

And thus, the true meaning of Yoga is distorted.

Yoga is the Realisation of Self. It's purpose is to harmonise the Flow of Energy in our body.

It has nothing to do with the way it looks, what's important is How it Feels. When practicing functionally, we do not use our body to get into the pose, instead we use the Pose to get into our Body; 

We observe, ask questions, experiment and give time and space to feel what is needed so that we can

Use the Practice to our Highest Benefit. 

Functional Yoga was developed into a system by Paul and Suzee Grilley, the teachers of my teachers; Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil, the founders of 'The Fat Yogi's' and dedicated advocates of the functional yoga approach. 


 Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is an active style of  Yoga, usually done through a series of postures binded together in a flow. 

By doing so, muscles strenghten and stretch, circulation is in increased, the heart pumps blood vigorously throughout the body and the nervous system regenerates.

Movement creates internal heat which gives a magnificent feeling of being alive. 

Breath and movement go hand in hand to create a beautiful dance of exercise. 

Pranayama - breathing exercise and self awareness through some sort of meditation, or, better said, self-realization are an inevitable part of this Yoga style.  

It is fun, energetic and ever-changing, playful style of Yoga. 

Yin Yoga uses time and a gentle approach to achieve the best benefit for the practicioner. The poses are long held, from one minute, up to a few, allowing enough time to explore the body and adjust the pose accordingly.

There is no "one size fits all" module, since every body is unique! 

Therefore, there is always more than one posture that can achieve the same effect, depending on the practicioner and his needs and capabilities.

Yin is a relaxing, meditative and regenerative yoga style. It effects the deep connective tissue of the body - Fascia, ligaments and tendons. By applying gentle stress to these tissues the body responds by making them stronger and more receptive to movement. 


Yin Yoga

My Functional Yoga

I have had the privilege of trying many different yoga styles. 

They are all undoubtedly great and incredibly benefitial for the practitioner.

During a 3 year training, guided by the wisdom of my teachers,

and years of experience working with students of all shapes, sizes, ages and physical capabilities;

 I have developed my own style of teaching.

In my class, there is always enough time to play and explore, you are free to take it easy or push yourself more.

At times I will challenge you to break a sweat, but only with your consent.

"Whatever we are, or are not able to do, says absolutely nothing about our true worth and the

chance we have to be healthy."

The only two things we really need is balance and unconditional love. 

A person who is in balance and knows how to love is not affected by the nonsense of the modern world.

When the body finds balance, the mind soon follows

This is why we need both action and stillness, or, in Yoga words:

Yin and Yang - two sides of the same coin.

In conclusion, when you attend my clas you can expect the following:

Respect, Understanding, to be trully Seen, Time for Yourself, Play, Childlike Exploration & Experimentation.

Come, and get to truly know yourself.

Love & Light

*Info about classes coming soon

*Mail me for info about private classes 


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