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Ivana Srdarevic
Yoga, Sound & Massage

Breathe, Relax, Release, Heal



Singing Bowl Massage


Feeling pain?

Feeling stuck?

Restless nights?

Peter Hess® Singing bowl massage can help you relax and regenerate your nervous system


Functional Yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle, but it only REALLY works when it is moulded uniquely to best fit the practitioner. Everyone can do it, but every BODY in it's own, most benefitial way.

In Functional Yoga, we take time to get to know our bodies, and then adjust the pose to achieve the highest benefit. 



Eyes closed, resting in a space of caring attention and protection, guided on a journey through sound... 

A soundbath can become anything from simply enjoyable, to profound, eye-opening, nurturing and mind-blowing


Meet Ivana

If you ask me, there is no one, single way to heal, nor is there a greater healer than yourself, for yourself!

My mission is to help discover your way, and help you relax in the process.

Truly understanding this might be the greatest thing one could ever accomplish; the complete knowledge of self.

However, self-knowledge can be tricky, especially when stress takes over.

I am here to help.

What Clients Say

Ivana's singing bowl  massage is a deeply relaxing and special experience. A wonderful gift to receive! 



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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